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It is difficult to recommend a specific handset to someone without knowing what they plan to be using it for.If your main concern is a good camera, opt for one of the Nokia Lumia range or the Galaxy Zoom.

The best way is to connect the two phones by bluetooth and do a file transfer between phones.

The answer to this could change in just one year, but the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2 won't be obsolete in six months. Any of the high end devices are going to have some staying power for now, and that's because the more features get packed into mobile devices, the more battery drain it will cause. Without a major battery breakthrough, phones will

Call Waiting lets you receive an incoming call when you're already engaged in a conversation on your cellphone. When you hear the call waiting signal, you can put the first call on hold and answer the second call. You can also decide not to accept the second call. In this case, the caller will hear a message that you are not available or the call w

3-way calling is a way of having a phone conversation between three different phones. Please remember that both calls use minutes from your plan. Every phone is different, so please visit the Videos and Manuals page for your specific model of phone. There you can watch a video on making and receiving phone calls, or find instructions in the phone m

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