3 advantages of booking from Vacation Rentals By Owner

Staying in a vacation rental is one of the cheapest ways to ditch a hotel and save on your vacation budget. Contrary to popular perception, vacation rentals are not just beach houses that let you enjoy a relaxed beach vacation. These days you will find vacation rental homes in almost every holiday destination. There are many online platforms that let you book a vacation rental easily within your budget, location and travel dates.

Vacation Rentals By Owner is one such leading vacation rental platforms. With listings from multiple locations, Vacation Rentals By Owner let you book condos, apartments, villas, cottages and of course, beach houses. Compared to a hotel room, a vacation rental home adds a personalized experience to your holidays. Here is how you can make your vacation interesting and avail benefits by booking a vacation rental from platforms such as Vacation Rentals By Owner:

Save big on night rates: If you book a hotel room in NYC, you will have to pay about $350 per night. However, if you book a vacation rental apartment, you will pay about $220 for a night. You will be saving nearly 40 percent per night during your stay if you opt for vacation rentals. This is true not just for NY, but almost for every vacation destination. If you look at the bigger picture of your overall vacation expenses, renting a vacation home would be cheaper than staying in a hotel room.

More lodging options: With hotel rooms, you have very limited options for room types and sizes; you can either book a suite, king or 2 queens. Depending on the number of people traveling, you will have to book several rooms for your vacation. However, with vacation rentals, you have the option of booking loft apartments, simple apartments, lake houses, beach houses, condos, cabins, farmhouses and so on. Also, if you have large group or family, everyone can stay together without being disjointed, yet retain some privacy.

Flexible dining: All vacation rental homes have fully equipped kitchens and dining spaces. You can buy or bring your own provisions and decide your own menu. You can plan your meals around your own personal or family schedule. If you crave a midnight snack, you do not have to go looking for a vending machine, you can cook your own snack anytime you want. You do not have to stick with buffet timings of a hotel.