5 dental insurance providers to check out

Dental health is one of the most important factors to improve one’s overall well-being. However, dental procedures, such as bridges, crowns, and fillings, can be expensive. That’s why many people in the country sign up for dental insurance. The insurance can cut costs on expensive procedures and cover other preventive dental care. When shopping for dental insurance, one must look for a dentist network that offers a range of services at appropriate premiums.

Top 5 dental insurance providers

Renaissance Insurance covers various preventive care services, such as routine exams and cleaning. It also covers the cost of dental implants and crowns. Furthermore, the Renaissance PPO network includes national and regional networks that give customers access to more than 300,000 dental access points. The dental office part of the network will also complete and file paperwork for customers to fasten the reimbursement process. The insurance company has an online member page called MyRenCoverage. This page is also useful for checking benefit information, printing ID cards, and finding a nearby participating dentist with ease.

Spirit Dental
The insurance plans from Spirit Dental are affordable and offered to a single member, two members, and families. The company allows customers to choose a preferred dentist from the available list on the website. They also offer three cleanings a year as part of their dental plans. Spirit Dental offers comprehensive plans that cover implants and major services without waiting periods. These plans enable users to opt for pricier dental services without restrictions or limitations. Customers can also take advantage of a $5,000 max coverage in the third year.

eHealth® has had a footprint in the dental industry for over 20 years. The company offers more than 600 dental plans from over 270 dental insurance carriers, which have helped more than 5 million people make the best of their dental insurance. The dental plans generally cover most or all the costs when it comes to oral exams, fillings, x-rays, and cleanings. The dental packages from eHealth® are also budget-friendly and offer plans starting below $10. The insurance provider also offers tools and licensed agents to help customers find a suitable insurance plan for themselves and their family members.

Customers who sign up for Cigna’s insurance plans will get access to a network of more than 92,000 dentists. They can also pick from a variety of dental insurance packages tailored to fit their requirements and budget. Furthermore, Cigna’s online account allows users to look for in-network providers, procedures, and cost estimates. They can also review spending account balances, withdrawals, contributions, and view claim status through the website portal. One can update contact information through the online account to avoid missing out on important notifications. Additionally, users can also download the myCigna® App available on the Apple App Store and Google Play to manage these services.

Physicians Mutual®
The insurance provider is one of the more affordable options; it covers over 350 procedures, including fillings, cleanings, crowns, and dentures. Physicians Mutual® does not charge any deductibles, and there is no annual or lifetime maximum on the number of cash benefits an individual can collect. The company also offers immediate coverage for preventive care, such as X-rays, cleanings, and routine exams. Patients can pick a dentist from a network of more than 500,000 provider locations.