6 handy tips to keep your generator robust and functioning

Like every other device that needs maintenance, your generator needs maintenance if you want it to function properly in the event of a power outage. You cannot hope for the generator to functions to its optimum if you haven’t taken the required steps to ensure that it receives proper maintenance. If you do not maintain your generator, chances are high that it won’t last until its destined period and you will have to incur expensive repair work. So, instead of shelling out money for repair work, you can follow these easy tips to maintain your generator.

  • Implement the “twice a year maintenance” rule
    Irrespective of whether you are using your generator, it requires maintenance; you never know when misfortune can befall in the form of a natural calamity. Simply installing the generator and believing that it would take care of itself is a grave misconception. Ensure that your generator is serviced twice a year and choose dates that are nowhere near severe weather conditions. It barely takes an hour for the entire maintenance work. So, ensure that you do not miss out on the servicing dates.
  • Operate the generator outdoors
    Generators are meant to be used outdoors; using it indoors can result in a plethora of problems. Generators expel fumes that are quite poisonous and incapacitates a person before they realize what hit them. The generators are meant to function in places with ample of ventilation since their functioning is disrupted if it runs out of air.
  • Clean the air filter frequently
    It is vital that you clean the generator’s air filter regularly. Ideally, the air filter is supposed to be cleaned every 25 hours of use and replaced after 100 hours or three months of use.
  • Undertake regular oil changes
    Like vehicles, your generator needs regular oil changes. It is imperative that you check the oil levels after eight hours of use and change it after 50 hours of usage. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the oil filters. The oil filters that come with the generators do not last long. So, contact your generator supplier at timely intervals so that your generator continues to function appropriately.
  • Invest in good chords
    Ensure that you invest in good power chords since they would be bearing the brunt of changing weather conditions. Choose sturdy power chords that can withstand the onslaught of heat and rain alike. If the earlier power chords aren’t functioning at their optimum, get new ones. This reduces the risk of being electrocuted by faulty power chords.
  • Be mindful of the fuel
    The generator runs on fuel, and like everything else, fuel is susceptible to degradation. So, ensure that you do not leave the fuel in the generator for a long time. Also, check the fuel levels so the generator doesn’t run out of fuel. This can drastically affect the generator’s functioning and reduces its lifespan.