6 trends that are dominating women’s fashion

Shopping isn’t always on our priority list, but that doesn’t keep us from checking what’s in and out with the latest fashion trends. After all, that’s how we know what we are going to splurge and spend on when out on our next shopping trip. Herein, we’ll help you get acquainted with some the newest entrants that are possibly here for the long run.

Candy-colored sweatpants
As comfortable as the old and tattered sweats feel, there is always a place in the closet for some new ones. More specifically, some candy or pastel colored ones, which are all the rage in the world of latest women’s fashion trends. You can easily get your hands on tracks, joggers, or complete tracksuits to keep yourself comfortable in style.

Boiler suits
If you’re an enthusiast of jump- and playsuits, you’re definitely going to fall in love with this new version. These trendy pieces of clothing are easy to put on, classy to flaunt, and so fluid that you could just go from work to party with no extra effort. If you want to add an extra oomph to it, try layering it with a tank top or a turtleneck.

Monochrome pairing
Monochrome looks are really an all time go-to for a lot of us. The pairing of white and black together is sure to brighten up any look. Take it up another notch by adding textures and patterns to suit your style. If you do not want to go ahead with a monochrome outfit, you could always pick accessories in the same trend. This style is one of the biggest women’s fashion trends right now.

Statement sleeves
Statement sleeves are one of the most attention grabbing fashion trends for women to look out for. They make for a perfect outfit for dinner with friends or an all-night party. If you get shirts with puffed sleeves, you can add them to your work wardrobe.

Shackets are a combination of two of our favorite layering options: shirts and jackets. One of the newest additions to women’s fashion trends, these are available in a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics. These can be used as layers or on their own, and are thicker than the regular plaid shirts, meaning they are easily going to keep you warm.