6 types of mattress options to choose from

A mattress might seem like a standard household possession, but it is more than just that. We all spend a significant number of hours sleeping every night or just lounging around on our beds on weekends. It is therefore important to select a mattress that matches your lifestyle and all requirements. To make an informed decision, it is important to understand the type of mattresses and the benefits of each of these mattress types. 

Hybrid mattresses
Hybrid mattresses are a combination of spring and foam. The spring at the bottom is layered up with foam on top of it. The mixture of the two offers the back sturdy support and pressure relief. If your aim is to find a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft, this is the right mattress for you. Hybrid mattresses, albeit costlier than other mattresses, provide the back with firm support, are comparatively softer than spring mattresses, and regulate temperature with continuous airflow. 

Foam mattresses
NASA was the first one to discover memory foam mattresses. Their invention was aimed at ensuring shock absorption during take-off and landing, making the journey comfortable. Memory foam is great for supporting your body and sinking at your heaviest points; it is also among the softest supporting mattresses available. Among major benefits, you can expect minimal noise, and it also helps decrease the pains and aches in the body. In fact, thanks to its applications and benefits, memory foam mattresses are also being used in chair cushions and shoes. 

Innerspring mattresses
Innerspring mattresses are among the oldest mattresses available on the market. They have been around since the 1900s. The springs in these mattresses are surrounded by latex, foam, or other comfortable materials. These mattresses tend to compress under your body’s weight. With innerspring mattresses, you can choose the level of firmness you want. Along with an affordable choice, you also get a mattress that curves around your body’s contours. However, you might want to consider the weird noise the springs might make every time to get in and out of bed. 

Pillow top mattresses
Pillow top mattresses can be any mattress with a soft layer of cushion on top of it. You can have a layer of any material of your choice installed on top of your innerspring, foam, latex, or hybrid mattress. The added cushioning is great for people that enjoy the comfort of a soft layer on their mattress. It can be beneficial for people with shoulder tension and body ache. However, if you need a firm surface to sleep on, a pillow-top mattress might not work for you. 

Gel mattresses
You could think of these as an improved version of the memory foam mattress. The gel used in memory foam mattresses reduces the tendency to trap heat. Since the gel is slower at absorbing the temperature of its surroundings, it is successful at keeping the mattresses cooler for longer. Gel foam mattresses are more expensive than regular memory foam mattresses. However, the cost totally justifies the benefit of cooler, more comfortable nights for longer periods. 

Airbed mattresses
As the name suggests, airbed mattresses have chambers that can be filled with air. The quantity of air being filled is directly proportional to the desired firmness of the mattress. For a softer mattress, you would be required to fill the mattress with less air. The air chamber is covered in a comfortable foam layer that equips the mattress to relieve pressure.