All you need to know about porch swings

A porch swing set in any location, be it backyard or the front portion of the home adds elegance to the home. These porch swings come in distinct types, and you can choose these to make your home look at its elegant best.

Hanging swings
This swing hangs suspended from a porch and will always add a distinct look to your home. When you choose to purchase any of these porch swings, you should ensure to leave four-foot arc clearance so that the swing does not hit anything on its way.

The porch swings of this kind should be placed at least 17 inches above the floor to ensure the best usage. The dcor of the porch can also be suitably maintained with the help of swing chains, which are a spare material. You can choose from among stainless steel or galvanized material if you are looking for a metal chain. This kind of chain will offer a better rust proof support to the swing.

Alternatively, if you wish to provide the porch swings a natural look, you can also choose from among braided nylon ropes. These ropes should always be checked for wear and fraying, especially in times when it comes in contact with hardware of the swing.

Design of the porch swings
The seats in swings can ideally be flat or can have a natural contour which will offer it comfort without the use of cushions. The back region can be flat or curved with the same having horizontal or vertical slats. You can always choose swings that match the style of your home or the dcor of the porch.

Any two seat swing will typically measure up to 4 to 5 feet in length and will have a seat depth of 18 to 36 inches. If you are looking for round swing beds, it will typically measure 5 to 6 feet across.

Material of the porch swings
Porch swings are made out of a range of materials. You can always add full-length pillows to the same to provide some comfort to yourself whenever you decide to rest on a porch swing. The wrought iron on the porch swing should always be painted so that it is protected from elements of nature. Since the porch swing is always to be used in the outdoors, a proper color combination should always be maintained so that it matches the elegance of the home.

Moreover, to protect the porch swing during inclement weather, it should always be suitably covered so that it remains usable for a longer time. A range of option exists, and you can choose from among teak, cedar, pine, and oak wood porch swings to add to the beauty of your home.