Tips on buying pet doors

With pets offering emotional solace to a person, keeping a pet at home is a good idea. However, before you head out to the market to buy yourself a pet door, it would be useful if you consider all the do’s and don’ts of buying a pet door.

Research your options
Before you head out to the market to buy pet doors, it will be great to read through the different reviews available in the market. You can also take suggestions from any of your friends who have pets at home. Such people will always give you an honest opinion and will help you suitably in buying the best pet doors.

Check out the type of doors available
You should also research on types of doors available in the market. Some dogs like to chew a lot, and therefore, you will have to buy bite proof doors for such dogs. The size of the pet also matters a lot while selecting the door size for the pet. Ideally, the pet doors should be of the proportion in which they reach out two inches above the shoulder of the pet.

You can also choose from a range of sliding doors for the pet. The biggest advantage of having a sliding pet door is that it can be locked. At times, you might need to head outdoors for a brief period. It is at such times that sliding pet doors will be the best option to consider. Having a pet door that is accessible all the while to the pet is also not recommended as the pet can run out at odd hours creating unnecessary confusion for you also.

Keep energy expenditure in mind
Irrespective of the placement of the pet door, weather seal is highly recommended for the pet. At times, when the air conditioning is on, cooler air always escapes to the outdoors as the door is opened. Therefore, you should not choose flap entry models for the pet door.

Instead, you should look for other energy efficient options for the pet door. In energy-efficient models, flaps are double wide and are insulated. You can also consider solid pane door which slides or gets locked. This type of door is ideal in conditions when the safety of the pet is also a key concern for you.

Train the pet to use the door
You will always have to train the pet when it has to move in or out from the pet door. Therefore, choose a door that is light enough to be opened by the pet, once it gets trained on using the same. You will have to train the pet to use the door in most of the conditions.