Great US destinations for a vacation

We are going to come right out and say it – if you want to see the best natural beauty with much entertainment and tourist attractions, you do not really need to go much farther than the US. Here, you will find the best of everything whether you are traveling with your family or with a gang of friends. Take a look at some of these great vacation spots that can entertain you when you are taking a break!

Grand Canyon: For some spectacular views and robust rock formations like never seen before, this is a place you must head to. The Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona is known as one of the top destinations the world over. It attracts tourists and trekkers from all over the world for the various kinds of sights and activities that one can find here. You can also take a raft ride down the Colorado River and find yourself some thrill and adventure in the bargain.

Maui: This is one of the most colorful and exotic destinations that one can find in the US. You can visit this island to try the varied seafood and indulge in all kinds of water sports before you kick back and enjoy the vibrant culture with a drink or two in the evening. Also, going for cruises and lounging at the beaches will ensure that you will have a relaxing time like none other. This is best for laid-back holidays with the entire family. You can even head here for some alone time and come back with great memories of the flora, fauna and the sea!

Yellowstone: Close to the Utah Mountains, the Yellowstone Park has been a famous national park for a very long time. People come here in search of some excitement as they trek through the heavily wooded area. This is also a great place for hiking, trekking, rock climbing, camping and many other such activities. The Yellowstone Park is a great place for those who love being in the great outdoors. You can also rent out cottages here for the entire family or your gang of friends so that you have all the comforts even as you enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

New York City: In case you like living in the fast lane, or at least want to take a close look at it for a while, New York City is your best bet. From Times Square to Wall Street, there are several delights that you can find for some great vacation memories. Make sure that you take the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty and do not miss out on the amazing views from all four sides of the observatory deck atop the 86th and 102nd floors of the Empire State Building. And if you miss the greenery, you can always go to Central Park and enjoy the same in the very heart of New York! Ensure that you make your staying arrangements well in advance to avoid last-minute sky-high tariff.