How to take care of Costco tires

When you buy Costco tires, the first step you can take in ensuring their long-term usability is care of the tires. Below are listed some of the measures which you should take to protect your Costco tires.

  • Keep the tire pressure up
    It is a common fact that when tires are inflated in proper proportion, the wear pattern gets maximized and this extends the life of the tire. On the other hand, the tires which are under inflated will build up the heat and this can lead to handling issues. Tires which are overinflated on the other hand can also cause problems and can fail you at the wrong moment.
    When you purchase Costco tires, check the air pressure when the tire is cold and do monitor these once in a month. The recommended use of pressure will always be the correct pressure for your tires.
  • Regular rotation of the tires
    When you get Costco tires, take care that these are rotated every 7000 miles. Sometimes, these tires need to be rotated after every 5000 miles also. When it is combined with tire balancing better handling of the vehicle is ensured. Different kind of tire rotation patterns can be used and you should use the pattern which is safe for your vehicle.
  • Consistent driving
    While it might look good when the tires smoke out, they can wear out permanently. When you take the curves sharply some rubber might tear off on the road. You should drive safely on such roads and any damage to the Costco tires will be prevented. Costco tire dealers across the country will always be able to help you in case your tires wear off prematurely.
  • Checking the alignment
    Costco tires should always be checked for alignment on a regular basis. You can get it checked at any of the nearest Costco dealers in your city across the country. Remember that vehicle and tire manufacturer has a different kind of requirements and you should check the owner’s manual and warranty of tire.
  • Measurement of tire depth on a regular basis
    The depth of the tire should be checked on a regular basis every month. To check the quality of tread depth standard US quarter should be used. The quarter should be inserted into the depth of tire. If this does not cover space between rim or coin and top of the head, these tires have worn out and should be replaced.
  • Changing winter tires on a regular basis
    In the country, states like Alaska receive regular and heavy snowfall. In case, winter tires are permitted in your region these should be changed after the winter season. In case these tires are not replaced and used in summer season also these will wear out soon and you will need to buy new tires every winter season.

Regulatory standards of Costco tires
Many brand name tires are sold by Costco tires and these are available at multiple locations throughout the country. Every state in the country has different standards and regulations which tire manufacturer need to follow. This applies to Costco tires too and they follow safety regulations which are promoted by national highway safety administration.

These standards involve a tire pressure monitoring system, display, control and adherence to fuel economy. The tires manufactured by Costco are known to meet these regulatory standards.

Recommended Costco tires
Numerous tire brands are available with Costco and Michelin is one of the top most recommended tires from this company. Different customer reports are based on the test condition performance of the tires and Michelin has been able to come up with the recommended scenario in this condition.

Michelin was able to get a score of 7.5 rating which was followed by Pirelli tires. Bridgeton and Goodrich scored far less in comparison.

Keep these aspects in mind when you head to Costco tires for getting a new set of four tires for your vehicle and take appropriate measures to care for the same. You will always end up having the best experience.