Know Types and Materials of Truck Bed Covers for Your Convenience

The tonneau cover is an essential component of the pickup truck that is placed at the back of the car. The covers can be made of a soft or hard material that you can choose to purchase as per your needs. A truck cover is mainly used to prevent theft and other damages that can incur to the truck bed if it remains open. In addition to the context, the cover has the capability of including gas mileages where the driver does not have to spend extra money.

Materials of Truck Bed Covers
Keeping in mind for several purposes, the bed cover is made of various materials that can cater to the needs of the drivers. The common types of cover that are seen to be used widely are metal, faux leather, and fiberglass.

  • The plastic material can offer great security and excellent weather resistant features. Additionally, the covers are cost-effective, making them affordable for every truck driver. You can choose undercover tonneau if you are looking for a lightweight and solid one-piece cover.
  • The products that are made of vinyl can offer good security level and is fairly weather resistant. Pocket pinch is not high which makes it one of the most cost-effective materials for the tonneau cover. You can go for the TonnoPro Tri-Fold if you are looking for a lightweight cover.
  • The aluminum is widely cost-effective and lightweight and comes with the roll-up feature. For the cover made of aluminum, the BakFLIP F1 might be a great choice as the security level offered by it is of excellent level. Additionally, it is great for weather resistant.
  • When it comes to the security and weather resistant, nothing can beat the quality of fiberglass. However, the problem with this material is that they are a bit of costly. Choosing the heavy Ranch Legacy can be a wise option for the purpose of covering your truck bed.

Apart from the material, you can look out for the wide range of colors that are offered by various designers including New Vision, Torza Top, Pace Edwards, Fold a Cover, Roll-n-Rock, Truxedo and Advantage. Customers are offered the option of customizing the covers as per their requirements.

Types of Tonneau Bed Cover
As there are tons of bed covers available in various materials and colors, there is also an array of various kinds of covers that can complement the needs and styles of the car-owners.

  • Hinged Truck Cover
    This kind of cover is similar to that of a trunk lid that is evidently seen on sedans. To get easy access to the cargo, the cover is used. One of the most convenient types of bed covers is the hinged truck bed cover as the large loads can be removed in a jiffy. You can paint the cover in order to match it with the color of the truck. The popular brands of hinged truck covers that have been ruling the market are Extang, Ranch, Downey, and Undercover.
  • Folding Truck Cover
    This is one of the most favorite types of the cover of the customers. Vinyl with steel beams and aluminum are two of the popular materials that are used to produce the cover. The cover has the capability of serving all types of customers and is completely resistant to dust, water, rust, and corrosion. If you are looking for the cover that can offer an utmost level of protection to your pickup truck, you can choose the products from Rugged Cover, Diamondback, Dpwnery Products, Fold a Cover and Bestop.
  • Soft Roll-Up Bed Cover
    If you are looking for a bed cover that can serve all your heavy-duty purposes, then this one is ideal. Supporting aluminum and vinyl materials, this type of cover is installed without taking any help of drilling machine. Few of the covers open with a trigger latch; however, few of them can be snap close. Additionally, there is an array of colored soft roll-up bed covers that are affordable for everyone.