Vacations and destinations with friends

When we enter the adult world of college, there are a number of things that we do to assert our new found sense of freedom. These are things that give us essential life skills even as we learn a thing or two about making friends and memories for life. Traveling is one such thing that changes our world view once we are grown-ups. Whether we are studying or working, this is something that makes us look forward to a break from the monotonous routine that most of us face as adults. When we travel with our friends, we are mostly in backpacking mode, where no one usually wants the frills and fancies. What we usually look for when we embark on such vacations and trips is the sheer experience of a new place with the tribe we call our own. So where can you plan great vacations with your friends? Here’s a quick guide!

Amsterdam: If you can travel to Europe, this is one great city that can give you the luxury of travel and experiences, along with affordability. You can camp out at the many hostels that one can find here and make some new friends in the bargain as well. The best time to visit is during summers when you can even rent a bike and take a quick ride around the city. You can also enjoy this spot in the spring when it will be relatively less crowded, much cheaper and full of beautiful blooms that are well-known all over the world!

Puerto Rico: This is one of the most affordable destinations known all over the world, and especially those looking for a quick break from the US mainland. San Juan is one of the most beautiful spots here with many historical sites and cliff-side drives that will make you feel the tropical beauty at its lush and verdant best. You can easily book rooms in some of the many luxurious hotels that can be found here because it is such a well-known tourist destination. Further, you can also get cheap flights to and from this destination by booking well in advance on any of the travel portals like FareCompare, Expedia, and Skyscanner.

Denver: If hiking is your thing, then Denver is the place to go. Known as the seat of the Rockies, this is one place where natural beauty will be all around you, drowning out your senses. You can also go to the Lakeside Amusement Park where you can ride one of the many roller coaster rides for a thrilling and fantastic time with all your friends. This will be one memorable trip on a budget!

Florence: This charming Italian town has many affordable hotels and much historical beauty for those looking at a quick getaway with a gang of friends!